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Thursday, March 30, 2006

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I read for two reasons: entertainment and education. If a book fails at achieving one of the two, then I consider it a waste of time. However, Raymond Learsy's commentary on the current oil market was hardly that. Learsy built a successful career in commodities trading and spent some of that career in the Middle East. His is the opinion of a capitalist and not a politician, which is a breath of fresh air for someone with limited knowledge on the current subject. In this book, Learsy tackles the problem of America's dependence on foreign oil like a veteran problem-solver. He first identifies the problem clearly while also doing away with much of the myth about America's oil dependence that seems to have flooded the mainstream press as of late. He then gives an historical account of how this problem came to be including the rise to power of OPEC. Then, he gives a detailed plan for how we can get ourselves out from under the boot of OPEC and free ourselves of the shackles of foreign oil dependence. Before I read this book, I had little insight into the problem we face as a nation when it comes to energy and foreign oil dependence. Now, I realize not only the complexity of problem, but I am also aware of a way to remedy it. I have Raymond Learsy to thank for that. I think this is a book all policy makers and political leaders should read. For that matter, it's a book all voters should read. It comes highly recommended from this website.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The first post from Read and Review will deal with self-publishing.

1) Is it good for the literary world?

2) Has anyone out there read any good self-published titles that they'd recommend?

3) Has anyone out there written a self-published title they'd like to share? Any tips for those looking to do the same...especially when it comes to marketing?

4) Which self-publishing companies are the best for the author?

The comment line is open, we'd love to hear your thoughts.